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Political Battles are Spiritual Battles

Jul 29, 2019 Comments Off on Political Battles are Spiritual Battles phil

During the 2018 MidTerm Election Cycle, I purchased billboards, with personal funds, in several cities in the Southern U.S. What did the Billboards say? They simply said: "Christians have a Biblical Responsibility to Vote. Please go vote in November." Why did I do that? The answer is because I personally don't believe that Christians are ...

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U.S. Capitol Building

Phil Norris vs. The Status Quo in Washington

Jul 24, 2019 No Comments ›› phil

Upon entering the race for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District, I have been asked many times what I am running for or running against.  The most simple answer that I can give is that I am running against the "Status Quo" in Washington or the "Business as Usual" attitude among our members of Congress in ...

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Nuclear Weapons Critical to Nation’s Security

Jul 24, 2019 No Comments ›› phil

During the Obama Administration, President Obama considered reducing the number of nuclear warheads in the nation's arsenal to 300 weapons total. This news came as Iran was edging closer to attaining their own nuclear weapon and becoming a player in the global nuclear community. I can't think of anything that threatens our national security more than ...

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Get Involved in the Campaign

Jul 24, 2019 No Comments ›› phil

If you would like to get involved in my campaign, please send an email to You can call the campaign at (843) 879-8808 and discuss how you can get involved. We will get you plugged into the campaign and find a way for you to use your skills and passions to help out. It ...

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Statesman vs. Career Politician

Jul 23, 2019 No Comments ›› phil

Many have asked me why I am running for Congress and why I shouldn't just leave that task to the career politicians in Washington; the Attorneys and the "Lawmakers." Well, I believe that there is a very profound reason for my running for Congress. It takes awhile to explain for sure. During the last mid-term ...

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Phil's Congressional Casual Photo

2019-2020 Challenge to All Americans

Jul 23, 2019 No Comments ›› phil

This time of the year, I always reflect on what I can do better to reach out to people better or to further my education in some aspect of my life. I always resolve to be a better Friend, Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, etc. and to love people in my circle of friends ...

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Warrior Leaders

Jul 23, 2019 Comments Off on Warrior Leaders phil

I once had the privilege of worshipping with Pastor Bobby Welch, a former President of the Southern Baptist Convention and a combat wounded Vietnam Veteran. Bobby is also a native of Fort Payne, AL. He is the author of the book,"You, The Warrior Leader: Applying Military Strategy for Victorious Spiritual Warfare." His book is inspiring to ...

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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Jul 23, 2019 Comments Off on 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi phil

I once saw the movie "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi," which chronicles the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi where our American Diplomatic compound was overrun by Radical Islamic Terrorists. These attacks resulted in the destruction of our Diplomatic Compound and the deaths of American Ambassador Chris Stevens and the Foreign Service ...

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