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Jul 23, 2019 No Comments ›› phil Phil's Congressional Casual Photo This time of the year, I always reflect on what I can do better to reach out to people better or to further my education in some aspect of my life. I always resolve to be a better Friend, Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, etc. and to love people in my circle of friends and family more. In addition to those challenges, this year, I have decided to concentrate on being a better informed citizen and candidate for Congress. In doing this, I have decided to focus on learning more about the "American Mindset" that was on the hearts and minds of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution in our nation's formative years.

The "American Mindset" was a set of values and expectations that provided the drive and motivation of our founding Fathers when they were designing our government. This American Mindset was a well-crafted vision for the American People that focused on maximizing the liberty of the people and minimizing the amount of government intervention in the lives of the people. I first learned about this term a couple of years ago when I was first a candidate for Congress. I learned about it in a course from Hillsdale College entitled "Constitution 101."

I challenge each of you to become better informed voters and citizens. Our current state of our government demands freedom-loving people to be better informed and become more active in the government. After all, our government is supposed to be "Of the People, By the People and For the People." Let's take back our government for our families and future generations.

Some recommended actions to prepare yourself for a pivotal year in American Politics:

- Enroll in 3 free online courses from Hillsdale College. You can sign up for these free online courses at www.hillsdale.edu or more directly, online.hillsdale.edu. Please check these courses out:

a. Constitution 101
b. Constitution 201
c. Economics 101

- Read William Bennett's books entitled "America, the Last Best Hope." You can order from Amazon or purchase the Kindle version on Amazon.com for $16.99 for the two volumes of these timeless books. These books chronicle the true American History and the notable world history events from the Magna Carta until the fall of the Soviet Empire in 1989.

- Get a copy of the U.S. Constitution and read it in its entirety. You can download a free Kindle version from Amazon.com or get a hard copy for $1.00 there. A small investment for your education in such important matters.

- Get a copy of the "Federalist Papers" and read it in its entirety. These papers were written under the pen-name "Publius" by three Statesmen during the Constitutional Convention days; Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. These papers provide a compelling argument for the Federalist mindset or American Mindset, which was a foundation to the framing of the U.S. Constitution.

- Get a copy of Mark Levin's book "The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic." You can get a Kindle version on Amazon.com for about $10. This outlines what we can do as Americans to take back our government from the Washington Elites that have trounced on our Constitution and recently made the U.S. Senate a laughing stock.

- Learn as much about the nation of Israel as possible and how our relationship should be with God's chosen people. Our relationship with Israel has been threatened by the Obama Administration on many fronts. Pastor John Hagee's book "Four Blood Moons" is a great starting place. Also, go online and signup to be a member of an organization called "Christians United For Israel." You will learn a lot about the nation of Israel from those resources.

- Get active in your local political organizations. This will provide you with many resources and with regular fellowship with like-minded Americans.

This is not an exhaustive list of action items, but will provide a great start to a New Year and to a year where we begin to hold our politicians more accountable for the legislative actions that they take. Let's get started!!

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