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Jul 24, 2019 No Comments ›› phil During the Obama Administration, President Obama considered reducing the number of nuclear warheads in the nation's arsenal to 300 weapons total. This news came asĀ Iran was edging closer to attaining their own nuclear weapon and becoming a player in the global nuclear community. I can't think of anything that threatens our national security more than reducing the very mechanism (our nuclear weapons program including the nuclear triad) that brought about the end of the Soviet empire and the destruction of the Berlin Wall. I served on 3 submarines in the Charleston area during my Navy Career that carried nuclear missiles. Each of these submarines carried 16 nuclear missilesĀ and each missile had the capability of carrying multiple warheads. When each of these submarines deployed, if they were considered an independent nation, they would be listed as the world's third most armed nation, behind the United States and the former Soviet Union.

It is clear to me that, because of the existence of our extensive nuclear arsenal during the Cold War, the United States was able to defend itself against nations, including the vast communist regimes in the world, that wanted to bring about the destruction of our great nation and thereby provide them with the green light to further their oppressive political systems worldwide. In my opinion, we need to at least maintain our current inventory of nuclear weapons to provide for the defense of our nation against countries, like Iran, who wouldn't hesitate to deploy nuclear weapons if they thought they had no opposition.

It is time to wake up, my fellow Americans, and realize that we have to maintain a strong military and a strong nuclear deterrent force, which includes nuclear submarines. Now is not the time to weaken our defenses, but strengthen them. In my opinion, any lawmaker or politician that advocates the gutting of our military or nuclear arsenal is advocating the weakening of our nation, which opens up us to attack by rogue nations seeking validation of their political ideology.

As a member of the U.S. Congress, I will advocate for maintaining our current nuclear arsenal and the military complex at the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek, SC. Additionally, as a graduate of the Navy's Nuclear Power Training, I will continue to advocate for the Nuclear Power School and the Nuclear Moored Training ships on the same military facility. These training facilities provide the state of the art training necessary for operators that can safely operate the reactors on our nuclear submarines and ensure that our nuclear weapons are able to be delivered to adversarial targets all over the world.

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