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IMG_4663-1With President Donald J. Trump's unprecedented election in 2016, came a renewed focus on the Constitutional Tenets of our Blessed Nation. President Trump vowed to put an end to 8 years of President Obama attempting to change the political landscape in America. President Obama's tenure resulted in historical national debt, more social programs, record unemployment, more laws and regulations and a general disregard for the Constitution of the United States. Members of Congress in both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate allowed the Obama Administration to continue on its path of making American Citizens more dependent on government and less dependent upon themselves. I regard all the current members of Congress as part of the problem with our government. The "Status Quo" in Washington must be changed and regard for the lives and freedoms of the American People must be the highest priority in our legislative bodies.  I want to go to Washington and represent the people of the 4th District of Alabama and dismantle the "Status Quo" in Washington, and help President Trump "Drain the Swamp." I want to facilitate a change in our Congress where we legislate in accordance with the principles laid out in the U.S. Constitution and return to the original "American Mindset" that was present in the days of our founding Fathers.

These are the issues that I will work on in the Congress:

  • Reduce Government spending. This means that I will push to trim government fat, not just vote to block increases in funding for existing programs. Americans already have too much tax burden on them.

  • Work to pass Balanced Budget Legislation. We can't continue to operate this country with out-of-control spending that is not supported by the amount of revenue that we take in as a government.

  • Support Constitutional Functions of the Federal Government.  This means supporting a Strong Military (Provide for the National Defense).

  • Work to repeal any government sponsored Healthcare programs. I believe that there are certain Americans that we need to take care of in regards to healthcare, but we should not force an unconstitutional healthcare system on any free American.

  • Work to secure our national borders and enforce our national immigration laws. There was a time in America where massive immigration was necessary to help build our nation. We owe a great debt as a nation to those immigrants that came to this country and helped provide the fuel for the industrial revolution and to help build the great infrastructure that we Americans now enjoy.  Now, we are in a situation where we have to evaluate our immigration policies and decide if the economy and infrastructure can still support unchecked immigration. Our laws should be designed to provide a method for immigrants who want to come to this country and become a part of building our nation to be able to do that legally. These immigrants should be required to embrace our laws, language, and way of life.

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