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Jul 23, 2019 No Comments ›› phil Many have asked me why I am running for Congress and why I shouldn't just leave that task to the career politicians in Washington; the Attorneys and the "Lawmakers." Well, I believe that there is a very profound reason for my running for Congress. It takes awhile to explain for sure. During the last mid-term Elections, conservative-minded people took a beating in the Congressional Races. Our Candidates that we supported got beat at the ballot box and those of us that supported them felt really bad for that. I heard some people say that they should just give up and get out of politics altogether. There were people that wanted to retreat into private life and be at the mercy of whatever administration that takes up residence in Washington.

I will admit that it would be very easy to give up if you are a Constitutionalist or Conservative and you have grown weary of the political wranglings, elections, fundraising, etc. But, those of us Americans that love this country and believe in the eternal optimism of self-governed people cannot give up the fight. I submit to you that the cost of this retreat to private life is overwhelming. I agree with Hillsdale College President Dr. Larry Arnn when asked in an interview on the subject: "If you don’t live under good laws, life becomes truncated and less happy, injustice becomes customary, civilization is compromised. And one cannot acquiesce in that. One has to be involved. And since politics is natural to us—man is essentially political, as Aristotle says—and since we do live in the greatest modern country—founded that way at least—we owe it a lot. And many of the people who have seen the republic through to where we are today have gone through things that are worse than this. So first of all, it’s a duty not to give up. But second, there are good reasons to know that the game isn’t over." 

I like what Dr. Arnn said when he said that it is a duty not to give up. For most of my life, I have been involved in politics or the study of politics. When I grew up in the Fulton Bridge Community near my hometown of Hamilton, AL; it was just understood in my family that we should be patriotic people and we should serve our fellow man, serve our great country and serve our Great God! I learned that the cost of this is much less than the cost of apathy and disengagement in political things. I remember at the age of 12 or 13, when the Watergate scandal was all over the media, sitting on the bank of a fish pond and thinking how that our great nation was on the brink of returning to the dark ages. How could our government be so corrupt,? I asked myself. I decided then that I had to be involved in the political process at some level, even if that involvement was just being an informed voter.

As I matured, graduated from High School and entered the Navy Nuclear Power Program, I realized that I had to use my energies to support candidates locally or nationally that espoused the traditional values that this country was founded on. I have done that my entire adult life. I have been active in supporting local candidates, candidates for Congress, candidates for U.S. Senate, and Presidential candidates. In recent years, I have come to realize that my time on the sidelines supporting candidates is not enough. I must actively seek political office in order to use my experience as a Business Man, Plant Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Leader, Military Member, and a leader in my Church to help bring a renewed focus on the traditional American Values in our Federal government. My time has come to serve in a new role and that role is best served by someone like myself that considers themselves a "Statesman" and not a "Career Politician." I believe that a Statesman is someone that has had a long and respected career doing the things that ordinary Americans do and, in that, he is prepared to best understand the needs of the ordinary Americans that he represents in Congress. In my opinion, America needs Statesmen (which is gender neutral) and not Career Politicians at this time in our history. I hope you would consider electing me to represent you in South Carolina's 1st Congressional District.


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